Why does your business need cyber awareness security training?

It’s because you potentially have everything to lose.

When you say ‘cyber security’, most people think about hackers and malicious, deliberate attempts to access private data. And of course, that’s a huge issue. But severe data losses and breaches come as often – perhaps more often – from human error.

  • Clicking on links or attachments in malicious emails
  • Giving information away without realising
  • Leaving sensitive data lying around unprotected
  • Failure to update security measures
  • Shared access details

These are just some of the ways that people could put your organisation at risk without meaning to.

And so, when we talk about good, effective and lasting cyber security training, we need to think about changing the way that people think about cyber security and the way they behave when it comes to protecting your business. 

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Psybersafe for SMEs

Worried about cyberattacks? You should be! Hackers don’t discriminate by business size – they look for the easiest route in. And that’s often through poor cyber habits and successful scams. Protect your business and give your customers confidence by implementing our fun, immersive cyber awareness training today! Even better, your employees will enjoy it!

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Psybersafe for large organizations

Regulation, legislation and business reputation means you can’t afford to ignore cyber threats to your business. Our tailored cyber training can be delivered locally and internationally, meaning you can have a consistent, behaviour-changing and certified approach to improving your cyber security.

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Your reputation on the line

All businesses hold data. All businesses have a requirement to keep that data secure. All businesses have clients – individual and organisational – who expect high standards of data security.

So your business risks suffering both financially and reputationally if a loss occurs.

That makes it essential that you do everything you can to prevent a loss. And the thing that has the most impact is training your people so that they understand the range of risks, and are confident about how to manage them.

Watch the short 60s video

  • Backed by proven behavioural science
  • Measurable success in changing behaviours
  • Easy to run – we handle everything
  • Secure online training direct from Psybersafe
  • Fun and engaging episodes
  • Add new learners at any time
  • Demonstrate your commitment to better cyber security
  • Protect your business from attack

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Why behaviour matters

There are lots of cyber security training programmes out there. But few are based on the science of behaviour – understanding what engages people to think, learn and change the way they behave.

We are behavioural science experts, and our aim is to make it as easy as possible for you to protect your business – by educating and empowering your people to be more secure on your behalf.

So you can show your clients and stakeholders that you are driving change, and you'll benefit from a more secure, cyber-aware culture. There’s nothing to lose.

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Key Benefits

  • Behavioural Change

  • Engaging & Fun

  • Measured & Tracked

  • Easy to use

  • Advanced Training

  • It works!

Who is it for?

Psybersafe is for any organisation that takes its cyber security seriously. From SMEs that would really suffer from a ransomware attack, to a multi-national that needs to show that it does things properly, our training programme makes a difference.

If you’ve never tried cyber training before, or you’re fed up with training that takes people out of your business, give Psybersafe a go.

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