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  • A behaviour-changing online training programme proven to work
  • Boost your security and keep your people and your business cyber safe
  • See the of the application of behavioural science to your security 
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“It is effective, it works, and it saves me time!”

T van Uytfang

IT Coordinator, Toyo Ink Europe
“Psybersafe has had an immediate positive impact on our organisation. Couldn’t recommend it enough.”

A van Etten

CEO, Triquesta
“Love it! It’s very unique and engaging.”

Hana Gray

CEO, the OMP
“A feather in the cap of whoever created this. Very fun to follow and very educational.”


Participant at BNP Paribas Fortis

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Why cyber security people love Psybersafe

Employees love it

Short, amusing, actually helpful

East to run

Saves time, effort, money

Measure things that really matter

Employees actual behaviour, not just who's clicked on a phishing link

How effective is Psybersafe?

Measurements on how effective Psybersafe is on your staff security

Psybersafe for SMEs

Worried about cyberattacks? Hackers don’t discriminate by business size–they look for the easiest route in.

  • Develop safe cyber habits in your team
  • Easy to implement, Psybersafe runs itself
  • Short, frequent, interactive episodes means no time wasted

Psybersafe for large organisations

Regulation, legislation and business reputation means you need your staff to be your first line of defence.

  • Tailored cyber training to suit your organisation and staff
  • Easy to administer, Psybersafe runs itself
  • Behavioural insights to develop a secure organisation

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Why use behavioural science?

The biggest threat to the security of your business data is the way your people behave. Scam emails, phishing attempts, ransomware attacks all aim to exploit your employees. This puts you at risk of a serious security breach.

We can help you change your employees’ behaviours to help prevent successful cyber attacks from day one!

Based on expert behavioural science, our online cyber training is designed to change the way people think and act when it comes to keeping themselves and their data secure. We’ve successfully changed behaviours in businesses with 10 employees and organisations with several thousand people.

Why Psybersafe?

Why Psybersafe?

What a fantastic combination – cyber security and behavioural science. Our expertise in these areas means we have created cyber training that’s specifically designed to change the way we think and act when it comes to the essentials of protecting your people, your business and your data.

And we can prove it! Our training means that your people are 100% more likely to choose stronger passwords. It means they are highly likely to spot potential scams or phishing attempts. And it means you can be confident that they understand the critical part they play in protecting your business.

So why us? Because it works.

Show me how

Show me how

It’s simple. Our training comes in bite-sized episodes – some just 5 minutes long – so there’s no boring all-day training, just a fun, informative and transformative package of hints and tips that change the way you think about cyber security.

Deliberately designed to embed changes in behaviour, and linked together to reinforce positive action, these episodes are delivered over a 12-month period with a survey at either end to show just how much attitudes and actions have changed in your business.

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