About Psybersafe

Psybersafe is a hands-on, behaviour-changing training system that keeps your people and your business cyber safe.

Why us?

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Meet Mark

Mark is the driving force behind Psybersafe. He’s fascinated by the way we humans behave, so he’s studied psychology and worked with cool people like the behavioural scientists at University College London’s Centre for Behaviour Change. He understands how we tick, and that’s helped him to develop technology solutions like Psybersafe that use what we know about people to help protect them and the places they work.


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Why Psybersafe?

What a fantastic combination – cyber security and behavioural science. Our expertise in these areas means we have created cyber training that’s specifically designed to change the way we think and act when it comes to the essentials of protecting your people, your business and your data.

And we can prove it! Our training means that your people are 100% more likely to choose stronger passwords. It means they are highly likely to spot potential scams or phishing attempts. And it means you can be confident that they understand the critical part they play in protecting your business.

So why us? Because it works.

Meet our founder

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